l A pre-bid meeting for an ongoing service contract with a municipality
or a public school board that may have only drawn 10-20 respondents in years past may
draw 100 or more in today’s market. What will set the top 5 respondents’ proposals aside?
Optional "Short-List" Presentation Package
Selection Committees often may choose 3-5 vendors for oral, formal presentations before making a choice. Mostly, all finalists are qualified, and it's important to "connect" with the committee.

When your firm is short-listed, RFP Services will prepare a Summary Pack that highlights your proposal and explains in strategic words and images why you are the winning team. This is a "mini-print" version of the original response document, and gives a selection committee a nice, short summary as you present to them. In addition (if requested), we will prepare a streaming media presentation that will be unmatched by the standard Power Point presentation.

Finally, RFP Services will tailor an interactive PDF presentation or streamline production video with presentation material for a virtual introduction to your key players – even if they can't be there for the oral presentation. It's one more step to taking a Selection Committee into a comfort zone with your company. No one will match it.

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