7 Easy Steps to Begin the Process

Some things about our process:
Please send us the RFP you are bidding. It is impossible to provide pricing without first seeing the RFP because each is unique.

Some things about us:
We have offices in St. Augustine FL, Denver CO, and Roseville CA. Whether your company is large or small, we can help you win. We're pros at this and can make your life a little easier and provide a high-quality, very complete response. Now, more than ever, the economy has made every RFP important.

1 After we review the RFP, we break it down from top to bottom and send you all the requirements along with our pricing and a Scope of Services based on the requirements in the RFP. Please understand that we CAN NOT provide a final price until we see the RFP.

2If you agree to our terms and pricing, we require that the signed contract be emailed or faxed to us and 1/2 payment be sent to our corporate office in Denver. We accept a check by overnight express or MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express credit cards. As soon as we receive the contract and your deposit, we immediately start the process.

3 We send you a list of our needs (mostly a laundry list of questions for you to answer), and our Project Manager begins working with your designated contact. We send you a detailed timeline that is developed to ensure the response is completed on time. A similar timeline with even more detailed instructions is sent to our design department in Denver. Please note that the contact you designate must be available to respond to our questions and compile information and must have authority to okay email proofs. The timeline is very specific, and to avoid additional charges for late copy or pictures, you must respect the schedule.

4 The cover and the tabs are the first PDF proofs you will see. The cover and the tabs set the design tone for the entire response, so please make sure you are comfortable with the look before you give your approval. A change after approval will incur additional charges.

5 Please understand that your company must supply the text. We work with you on writing; we do an extensive copy editing, and we ensure nothing is overlooked. We also make suggestions as to what we think needs to be added or beefed up, but the initial writing must come from you.

6 When the response is completed, we provide a complete PDF proof for you to review and to make revisions. We make those changes and then provide a final PDF proof. Please note that any changes after the final proof has been approved will incur additional charges.

7 Once you approve the final PDF proof, we'll send the response to you for delivery to the Selection Committee, or we can FedEx directly to the Selection Committee based on how much time we have to complete the process. Once the response leaves our office, we need final payment in the form of a check by overnight express to our Denver office or payment by credit card.

The entire process normally takes about 10 working days not counting weekends.

Our goal is simple. We want our clients to win contracts. When you win, we win.

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